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St. Bernardus abt 12 – our Opinion about this dark brown and strong Belgian Beer | beersfrombelgium.wordpress.com

sint bernardus belgian brown beer - beersfrombelgium

St Bernardus Beer - brewery Sint Bernardus Watou Belgium

Sometimes a man has to be for or against. I’m not for.

St. Bernardus Abt is far from a bad beer. But for me it’s just a ‘too’  Beer. Too fruity and too complex. Too much rich aroma. It’s like someone doing too much her best.

St. Bernardus was called in the past a ‘Trappist‘, but has lost this status in 1992. The beer is not produced within the walls of a Trappist Monastery.

The colour is dark brown (you can not look through it), and it is a beer with a high fermentation (also after bottling).

St. Bernardus is not the only beer produced by the sympathic brewery St. Bernardus. (located at the ‘Trappisten’-street).

  • St. Bernardus abt 12 (=), 10%, Barley wine
  • St. Bernardus blond (=), 6%, Blond ale
  • St. Bernardus pater 6 (=), 6,7%, Double dark
  • St. Bernardus prior 8 (=), 8%, Double dark
  • St. Bernardus triple (=), 7,5%, Triple

St. Bernardus, (Independent-brewery) Trappistenweg 23, 8978 Watou,

Tel.: 003257/38.80.21, Fax:057/38.80.71

Turnover: 12500 hl/year

10,5% alcohol

Score: 6,9/10

More info: http://www.sintbernardus.be/en/beers.html

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Listen to the 'Kwak' – Kwak beer from Belgium [kwak]

[slideshow]If you say ‘Kwak’ beer, then automatically everybody thinks at glass. What a shame. The Kwak beer is a very sophisticated amber brown beer, brewed in Belgium by the family brewery ‘Bosteels’ in Buggenhout.

The name Kwak comes (maybe) from the beer ‘Pauwel Kwak’, which was brewed in the 18th Century.

But other sources say that the name ‘Kwak’ comes from the sound the glass makes when you’re drinking the Kwak beer.  At a certain moment, when your glass is still half full the special shape of the glass makes a [Kwak] sound. This Kwak-moment is a real pointe for every passionate beerdrinker. There is a fysical explanation for the Kwak-sound (the air that collapses etc.), but just let remember it’s a kind of beer-magical moment!

The Kwak-beerglass is held upright in a wooden stand, and resembles a stirrup cup. The glass should origenally designed for coachman. They could bind the glass at their horse, without spilling the delicious liquid. Moreover, in times of Napoleon, the coachman was not allowed to get off his horse. By the special glass they could still enjoy a beer without breaking the law.

But be sure, with or without a horse, this Kwak beer is delicious.

Drink it by preference at 5-6 grades, in the special glass. Fantastic in combination with some ‘old Bruges’ Cheese and some syrup. It’s brewed in the place Buggenhout in a typical family brewery. Father Ivo and son Bosteels collect also ancient coachmen, in respect with their brand. They enjoy to show up with their horses in traditional riding clothes.

Sense:(some) herbs, soft, sweet

Taste: malty, licorice, thursty, I have to drink one more


Creamy foam

[googlemaps http://maps.google.be/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=nl&geocode=&q=kwak+bier&sll=51.015236,4.202076&sspn=0.083156,0.222988&g=buggenhout&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=13&iwloc=A&cid=15434468849417195185&ll=51.01372,4.201845&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

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The first Belgian Pilsener Beer ever: Cristal Alken [kristal Alke]

The first post of this Belgian Beer Blog goes to the first real pilsener beer in Belgium: Cristal Alken

In the lovely village Alken, in the Province ‘Limburg’ (east),  there is an even more lovely brewery. The first Belgian Pilsener Beer ‘Cristal Alken’ has been brewed here in 1928 ànd still operates!

The beer tastes fresh, and a little bit more bitter than other Belgian Pilsener beers like Stella Artois or Jupiler. Very nice foam, little sparkling effect in the pint. The beer is preferrable served in a ‘tulp’ (‘tulpin’ in English): an elegant version of a Pils-glass. There could be a golden edge around the top of the glass.

Long ago, the whole village of Alken (and surroundings) was working in this brewery. Cristal Alken was thé number one Belgian Pilsener beer. Due to globalization of the beer industry, Cristal Alken was bought by Heineken Group. It still has dominance in his area ‘Limburg province’, but moved from a national to a regional focus.

The most famous customer of Cristal Alken, is the king of Belgium. Cristal Alken proudly is the only pilsener beer who deliver to the king’s palace of Belgium.

Location of the Pilsener Beer Cristal Alken:

[googlemaps http://maps.google.be/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=&daddr=Grootstraat&hl=nl&geocode=FYJSCAMdqf1QAA&mra=ls&sll=50.876841,5.30762&sspn=0.011333,0.027874&ie=UTF8&ll=50.876841,5.30762&spn=0.011333,0.027874&t=h&iwloc=ddw1&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

More info:

http://www.cristal.be – official site

http://cristalalken.blogspot.com – blog about Cristal Alken Beer

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